The Majestic Garlic Advantage

We use only non-GMO, fresh, raw, vegan friendly, gluten free, corn and soy free, MSG free, and sesame seed free ingredients.

During their search for a staple ingredient for their dishes at their health café, Veni and Geni found a way to harness the synergy of garlic and enhance it by creating a garlic paste with such unique flavor and unprecedented texture that it stands alone as far as garlic pastes are concerned. The flavor of the garlic paste was so popular and in such high demand, it graduated from being a secret ingredient into a highly requested “all-purpose” condiment. Subsequently and not surprisingly, Majestic Garlic was born.

In order to be harmonious with which it is composed, the garlic paste is consistent with garlic itself – healthy and vegan friendly. Majestic Garlic shares the mentality of health-conscious individuals and serves as their loyal ally, and does so tastefully. Due to its versatility and with a bit of creativity, Majestic Garlic can transform a bland dish into an exotic dish, and make an everyday meal feel eclectic. Again, perhaps the more pertinent question here is: Why not Majestic Garlic?


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The immaculate smooth texture of 
the Original Healthy Creamy Garlic 
spread, a dip, marinade, dressing, 
sauce, and glaze, 
can be used to 
enhance any 
dish and 
enrich the 
meal with all 
the many benefits of raw garlic.

Our sprouted hummus has the 
silkiest, smoothest taste of 
garbanzo with just a 
hint of cumin to 
wake up the 
senses. Our 
many delicious 
flavors are 
friends to the old 
and the young and all have a
mouthwatering flavor. ORDER

Our magnificent pickled garlics 
come in 3 flavors, all of which
are made with
natural organic
  Original Flavor
  Curry Flavor
  Cayenne Flavor